Flag Football-Youth

Youth Flag Football

Greenville County Rec offers Flag Football in the Spring  for youth ages 5-14. Greenville County Rec oversees the league and schedules games, but individual player registration and team placements are handled through youth associations in the Greenville area. Please contact a Youth Association listed below to find one that best suits you.

For information contact Steve Cooke at or 864-288-6470 ext. 123.

Text 40404 to 84483 to receive Youth Flag Football alerts from Greenville County Recreation.

Individual Players looking to register, find a Youth Association below:

***Now Hiring Youth Football Officials! Click Here for more info!***

2016 Youth Flag Football Documents

2017 Youth Flag Football Documents – For Coaches

  1. New On-Line Background Check Instructions
  2. 2017 Coaches Background Check Form
  3. Click HERE to submit your Background Check on-line.

 2017 Youth Flag Football Documents – For Players & Parents

 2017 Youth Flag Football Documents – For Youth Associations and Clubs