Ice Skating

. The Pavilion offers private and group ice skating lessons and freestyle sessions for all ages. .

Public Ice Skating ScheduleGreenville Figure Skating Club

Freestyle Sessions

Freestyle sessions are for more advanced figure skaters wishing to practice their programs, take private lessons, or skate separately from public session skaters. Skaters must have passed U.S. Basic Skill Level 3 before skating Freestyle sessions.  Instructional fees are NOT included with the cost of the session. All skaters are required to read and sign the Pavilion Skate School rules before they are permitted to skate Freestyle sessions.

April 2017 Freestyle Schedule

May 2017 Freestyle Schedule


Walk on Fee: $8.00 ($10.00 out of county)

Punch Pass for 12 sessions: $84.00 ($105.00 out of county)

Monthly Pass: $256.00 ($320.00 out of county)

Pavilion Skate Rules

Ice Skating Lessons

Learn to Ice Skate Group Lessons

United States Figure Skating Association’s Basic Skills Program. 30 minute classes meet on Mondays for 8 weeks. Skate rental and 8 practice times are included.

Fees: $100 ($125 out of county) .

All participants are required to join or renew annual USFSA Basic Skills Membership: $15 fee at time of enrollment

Registration Deadline: 2 weeks before Session starts. $10 late fee incurred for late registration.

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Note: You MUST complete your USFSA registration BEFORE you can register for Learn to Skate Group Lessons.

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Snowplow Sam (ages 4-5)

Curriculum includes: Standing, proper way to fall & get up, marching forward, two-foot glide, dip, backward wiggles, rocking horse, forward one-foot glides, forward swizzles, backward swizzles, snowplow stop, forward slaloms.

Times: Monday at 5:30 pm

Basic 1 (ages 6-17)

Curriculum includes: March forward, two-foot glide, dip, forward swizzles, backward wiggles, snowplow stop, rocking horse, two-foot hop.

Times: Monday at 5:30 pm

Basic 2-8 (ages 6-17)

Curriculum includes: Edges, turns, forward and backward crossovers, and progress to three turns and elementary jumps and spins.

Times: Monday at 6 pm

Free Skate 1-6 (ages 6-17)

Curriculum includes: Moves in the field, spins, dance/footwork sequence and jumps. The Free Skate levels are designed to give skaters a strong foundation on which to build their skills. This is the point where the skater can choose whether to pursue a recreational or competitive approach to the sport of figure skating.

Times: Monday at 6 pm

Adult Basic Levels 1-4 (ages 18+)

Basic Skills are adapted for adults.

Times: Monday at 6 pm

Hockey 1-4 (ages 6-10)

The Hockey curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey skating. Skaters will learn to move faster and be more agile on the ice. All elements will be taught without a stick or puck as proper skating techniques are the primary focus of the levels. Skaters will learn the necessary fundamentals to be successful in game situations. After completion, skaters will be ready for the Junior Tigers Learn to Play Hockey Program.

Times: Monday at 6 pm

Home School Class

Basic 1 – 8 instruction is available for Home School Students.

Time: Thursday at 11:30 am

Private Ice Skating Lessons The Pavilion’s professional coaching staff offers private lessons. All are members of the Professional Skater’s Association and hold credentials from the United States Figure Skating Association. . Fees: Contact skate school for pricing. In addition to the lesson fee, students must purchase ice time. . To schedule private lessons, call 864-322-PLAY. .

 Valerie Knopp

Credentials: PSA rated, Disney on Ice Performer, Triple Gold Medalist (Senior MIF, Senior Freestyle, and 8th Figure Test), Senior Regional and Sectional Competitor, and Senior Ladies National Collegiate Medalist.
Coaching Achievements: Junior National and Qualifying Regional Competitors.

Stacey Hawks
Credentials: Member of USFS
Skating Achievements: Adult Pre-Bronze Free Skate, Pre-Silver Dance, and Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field

Megan Smith

Credentials: Member of PSA & USFS
Skating Achievements: Gold Dance, Junior MIF, Intermediate FS

.Julianna Purcell

Member of PSA and USFS Certified Instructor
Skating Achievements: Adult Freestyle Level 5 & Synchronized Team Member

.Deanna Paris


Credentials: PSA Member and LTS Certified Instructor

Skating Achievements: Double Gold Medalist (Senior MIF and Senior Free Skate), Regional Competitor (Intermediate), Performer with Disney on Ice

Marie Crockett
Credentials: PSA Rated Level III Ranked Coach
Coaching Achievements:
Three-time Junior National Coach, Regional Gold Medalist, and Junior National Champion

Kristen Smith
Credentials: PSA Registered Free Skate, member of USFS, and member of USA Hockey
Skating Achievements: Senior Moves in the Field, Junior Free Skate, Pre-Silver Dance, Sectional Competitor, and Regional Medalist

Michelle Wise
Credentials: USFS Gold and International Dance, PSA Senior Rated Dance, PSA Ranked Level III, and member of USFS
Coaching Achievements: Four-time Junior National, Regional Champions, Sectional Medalists, and Junior National Medalists

 Brenna Bardo

Brenna Bardo

Credentials: PSA Registered Free Skate & Member of USFS
Skating Achievements: Regional Champion of Juvenile Pairs, Two-Time Junior National Medalist, and Novice Moves in the Field, Intermediate Free Skate, Pre Gold Dance, Intermediate Pairs

Charis Sloan


.Credentials:  PSA Rated in Free Skate, Moves in the Field and Learn to Skate.  USFS Member and Double Gold Medalist (Senior MIF and Gold Dance).  Skated professionally for Ice Rink Engineering and Mfg.
Coaching Achievements: Regional Pre-Juvenile Finalist and coached Skaters performing for Disney on Ice and other professional skating producers.

Meet Our Junior Coaches:


Breigh-Anna Bennett                                Alyssa Rogers

All Junior Coaches are Certified with the USFS Learn to Skate Program.

To arrange for Private Lessons, please contact Jimmy Crockett at 864-322-7529.