Our Beloved Ms. Pat Retires After 41 Years

Ms Pat

An era is coming to an end here at Greenville County Rec.  Our beloved Director of First Impressions for 41 years, Ms. Pat Rector, has decided it’s time for her to begin a brand new chapter of her life – RETIREMENT!  So while we’re losing someone we love dearly – and this place certainly won’t be the same without her – we wish her and her husband, Mr. Otis, much joy in their retirement and all the new adventures they have planned.  Her last day with us will be January 31, 2017.  If you get the chance, come by the Greenville County Rec Admin Office (4806 Old Spartanburg Road, Taylors, SC 29687) and see her off before she goes!

The story below explains just a little bit of why we will love and miss her for years to come.

Bless Her Heart – Ms. Pat Rector!

When you call the Greenville County Recreation administrative office, your call is NOT answered by an automated telephone answering system.  Thank goodness, you are instead fortunate enough to be greeted with a very gracious and welcoming “County Recreation” intoned in a distinctive warm, southern cadence by the one and only Patricia Rector.  Ms. Pat, as she is affectionately known to us, is much more than Greenville County Rec’s main receptionist – she is, in a very real way, our “Director of First Impressions.”  Whether you come into our office, speak to her over the phone, or work with her on a daily basis, you immediately develop an appreciation for this lovely lady who is always quick with a ready smile and whose authentically caring personality wraps around you.  You know you’re in great hands with Ms. Pat.  You know your question, your reservation, your concern is important to her; that you are important to her.   She is gifted with the ability to see the best in every person she encounters – and, if she says “bless your heart,” you know she really means it.  In an era where exceptional customer service is often espoused by organizations as being of utmost importance yet is ironically so rarely to be found, Ms. Pat is the epitome of truly exceptional customer service.

We at Greenville County Rec have been blessed to call her “ours” for 40 years now.  During this time, she has become beloved by both staff and patrons alike.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for our staff who are out and about in the community and wearing Greenville County Rec logo apparel, to be asked about specifically about Ms. Pat either by name or as “that nice lady who answers your phone” – and then, without exception, they complement her.   Without a doubt, she is one of Greenville County Rec’s greatest ambassadors to our community.   What a wonderful day back on November 3, 1975 when Ms. Pat first crossed our threshold.  Thank you, Ms. Pat, for 40 years of unparalleled dedication and service – and thank you for strengthening our agency and our community and making each one of us around you better.