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GHS Swamp Rabbit Hoppenings 2/1/17

Grab the coffee, since I didn’t do one last month this one will be a little longer…

(as usual in no particular order)

  • The Impact of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Economy  – most of you know the stats we learned during our last trail user impact study (501,000 users/year, 25% are tourists, tourists are pumping $6.7 million dollars into our economy each year when they visit the trail), now we are working with the Greenville Area Development Corporation and a team from Furman University to analyze the number of jobs created and investment made in the City of Travelers Rest since the creation of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail . Our approach is in the same fashion that you hear on the news when a new company decides to locate in Greenville County. A sincere thank you to those businesses that have completed our survey and we look forward to finishing the survey with the rest of you. Fun Fact : Prior to the trail and the downtown redevelopment (2008) Travelers Rest had 19 businesses in our study area, today there are 64.
  • Growing Islands – during your next trip down the trail, veer off onto the Furman campus and take the trail around the lake up towards the top of the lake to check out the artificial marsh islands. Eventually these floating islands of native plants will root into the lake bottom all the while creating a natural filtration system. Pretty cool, eh? While you are at Furman check out the life-size replica of Thoreau’s Walden Pond Cabin. Throw in a Bakasana while you are there and your Chakras will be aligned.
  • Sunrift’s Free Survival Bike Maintenance Class – Learn what you need to know to keep your bike on the go. This class is free and inviting. Bike up to Sunrift (with a headlight and a red blinky light of course) on February 16th from 6pm – 8pm. Check in with Sha at Sunrift for more details
  • Help make a community connection to the GHS Swamp Rabbit – Anyone out there live in Hunter’s Ridge or NorthCliff neighborhoods in TR? Gabi and I are trying to make a trail connection and need some help. Let me know, thanks.
  • Work on the Trail: ( at least really, really close)
  • Join our full time crew that maintains the GHS Swamp Rabbit. Click here for details then scroll  down to the job posting “Maintenance Technician I – FT” for details.
  • Or click here if you want to work for our Community Partner – Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery. They have a couple of different job openings including being able to make pizzas in that cool new outdoor pizza oven you can see from the trail.
  • Swamp Rabbit Station @Berea Mural Project – starting as just an ole railcar too heavy to move, today individuals and organizations have rallied around this spot at the intersection of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail and Sulphur Springs Rd. The Berea community hosts a series of events at this pocket park and recently won a challenge grant to create a unique mural. Berea, A Look Back is a partnership among local artist, Adam C. Schrimmer, Berea High School students and teachers, along with community residents. Students will conduct interviews with residents to capture the extensive oral history of the community. From these collected stories, Adam and Berea High art students will  create a mural that will be the back drop at Swamp Rabbit Station @ Berea. Click here to go to Swamp Rabbit Station at Berea’s Facebook page to see how you can be a part of linking our future community leaders to our indelible past.
  • Stay to the right except to pass – Do your part to spread peace, love and happiness along the trail. If you are biking, walking or riding your llama (yes they have been spotted) remember all trail users should stay far right. Just like on the road that yellow, sometimes dashed line down the center of the trail divides the trail for two way traffic. If you are with a group, have fun chatting about the weather but please keep all body parts to the right of that 4” wide yellow civility tool. If you are passing from behind,  when the line is dashed, ding your bell or say “passing on your left” then cross completely over the yellow line to pass.
  • Who in the Carrot Guide does suspended coffee or suspended sandwiches – Don’t know what “suspended” means? Click here for details. We recently came out with the 3rd edition of the Carrot Food Guide that highlights over 225 restaurants, specialty stores and community gardens that are either on the trail or within a 1 mile bikeable distance from the trail. Let me know if you show your kindness by accepting “suspended” coffee or sandwiches and we’ll note it when we update the Carrot Guide. Also register your restaurant or coffee shop through the link above.
  • Biennial shoulder mowing is completed – Last week the heavy equipment finished up and no one was Fargoed. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
  • In-place Infrared Asphalt Repair System a big success – last week our trail maintenance crew along with Kurt from K M International fired up our new equipment to remove bumps along the trail. The process worked like a charm!  We can now make asphalt repairs in the middle of winter, using “trail-sized” equipment that allows trail users to easily pass while we work. We use most of the existing asphalt that is already in-place instead of removing all of it with heavy equipment and bringing in new asphalt. Most importantly, our skilled and caring crew can do it all themselves. They will be back out there the week of Feb 13th then again back in March. I especially found joy in pulling the “Bump” sign out of the ground next to a former nasty bump near the Grandview Cemetery. Great job guys!! Click here to learn more about this cool new tool.
  • Julius E Webb you out there? – or anyone that knows Mr. Webb? Let me know and I will tell you why I want to buy you a cup of coffee.
  • Help Laurens County develop more mountain bike trails – Andy, the Laurens County Parks Director, is looking to hear from people interested in stomping around the woods of our neighbor county and planning the development of some new mountain bike trails. Contact Andy at
  • Wi-Fi in Parks Survey –5 min of your time to complete this survey helps this Clemson student and us make informed decisions. Click here.  Thanks.
  • One more Survey – Horizon 2040, the Greenville-Pickens area’s new Long Range Transportation Plan, seeks to understand the region’s existing and future transportation needs and identify viable solutions. The plan considers all travel modes, including automobiles, bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and freight. Click here to give us your two cents
  • GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail hopping down to CU-ICAR – Things a hopping along as planned and we expect to be under construction on a new section of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail in less than 12 months.
  • 6 Hours on the Ridge Bike Race,  February 25thDo you have want it takes to ride your mountain bike for 6 hours straight in the dead of winter? Prove it. Click here for all the details If you want to give your kids a taste bring them for the time trial race that is free to kids under 12. Made rent a cabin that night before and make it an adventure.

 Well, thank you for reading this far. And thank you for being engaged in making your community a vibrant happy place to reside.

Call me if you need me.



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