GHS Swamp Rabbit Hoppenings 3/14/17

Greetings everyone. I usually start by saying something along the lines of “In no particular order” but this time the first two are the most important and thus in a particular order:

  • Hilary has lost her wedding ring. – Somewhere between Furman University and Watkins Bridge Rd. The ring is a very small silver ring, with Hebrew on the inside. Another opportunity to make a deposit into the karmic bank. Let me know if you find it.
  • Be a Park Hero with our American Heroes – Team RWB (Red, White, & Blue) mission is: “to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.” Veterans of our military are mission driven and committed to seeing big projects through to the end. On March 25th, everyone is welcome to lock arms with our American heroes to work on removing over a half a mile of old fencing at Trailblazer Park in Travelers Rest. Sign up here!
  • If the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail was a new corporation coming to town what would it be worth? We are working again with Furman University to collect the needed data from businesses along the trail and convert it into the same results we hear on the news about when a new company is recruited to come to the county – how many jobs created and how much money invested. This will help us better understand how the trail impacts the economic health and longevity of our county as well as being a great resource for other communities working  hard to “recruit” a trail to come to their town. Thank you to all the business that have responded. “Nudge, nudge” to the other businesses that have not completed their questionnaire yet.  Reach out to me if you need help with your questionnaire or are a business between Swamp Rabbit Café and Travelers Rest and haven’t received a questionnaire yet.
  • Sign up for the Silver Comet Trail (April 28th) and Virginia Creeper Trail (October 19th) rides – Sign up before they fill up. Both rides are during the week to take advantage of lower trail traffic. Both rides allow you to tailor the distance to your personal taste. For a veterans, I promise to have better navigation skills this year.
  • Kid’s Mountain Bike Summer Camps – Sign them up before you are kicking yourself and they are stuck at the house. Due to the fact that more and more kids are becoming rippers on mountain bikes we have divided the camp into two camps – beginner and advanced. Click here for all details.
  • Short track Race Series is back at Gateway Park in TR – What is a short track race? It is a less than a mile loop where kids race for 15 min and experts race for 45 min on any bike that can ride dirt. Short track races are great for  spectator as well so bring your vuvuzela to cheer/heckle the racers.  And with Eric Hamann MC’ing the color commentary is as equally entertaining. What could be better than racing mountain bikes with family and friends then rolling over to a great restaurant for dinner?! Click here to get the details from the Upstate SORBA Facebook Page.
  • Long-Range Transportation Plan Survey – Everyone’s input is needed. Take this survey and get another deposit in the karmic bank. Click here
  • Rail Removal Project – Have a trackhoe in the back yard and some free time? Well then you should consider submitting a proposal for removal of 3.29 miles of rail and railroad ties on the soon to be southern extension of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail.  Click here for details and submit before 3pm on March 23rd. This is one of the many construction steps as we work towards building a new section of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail from Cleveland Park to CU-ICAR
  • Typical trail construction detail – can’t wait for the GHS Swamp Rabbit to connect to your door?!! Use these designs to build your own spur then give me a call and we’ll take over operation and maintenance. (Some additional details apply for those that read too literally, but in a nutshell you build it and we’ll take it from there)
  • Need a job or have a kid that needs a summer job? – Do you love the trail so much you want to work on it? Are you happier when your kid isn’t asking you  for money? Click here to see what full-time and part-time jobs we have available to join the Greenville County Parks & Rec family. Yes one of them includes driving the Zamboni.
  • Mowing exposed some trash, can you help? – The county mowing crew did a great job on the biennial cut on the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail but with the grass cut down we are seeing some trash. Do you have a Beta Club Student, someone with some community service hours, or just want to feel a little more productive next time you are walking on the trail? Let us know and we’ll hook you up with all the tools necessary to help clean up.
  • Quick reminder and tips on trail etiquette – If the yellow centerline is solid be patient and don’t pass, when its dashed announce “Passing on your left” or ring a bell to pass at least 3’ from other trail users. Everyone – bikers, runners, roller bladers, dogs on leashes, unicyclists – stay on the right side of the yellow centerline and pass on the left. If someone needs a little bit of a reminder just call Master Deputy Mike or Deputy Kevin and they will help. You can call 271-5210 or 911 if you can’t remember the first number. If you do call 911 tell them it’s not an emergency so they can put you on hold if they are busy. Then ask to be connected to the officers that patrol the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail. If they can’t connect you directly leave details of the person that needs an etiquette lesson as well as what direction they were travelling and the closest mile marker where you saw them. Mike or Kevin will try to educate them. And if they don’t find them your effort helps us collect data on possible repeat offenders, recurring areas of problems, etc. It takes a village so please take the time.
  • Trees Greenville and BMW are putting the Oak back in Oak Grove Lake – On March 25th, Trees Greenville with the help of BMW employees will plant over 20 oaks around Oak Grove Lake representing 16 species of oaks. Thanks!!!
  • Take a Full Moon Hike, March 12thSunrift is leading a moonlight hike at Pleasant Ridge County Park. Send an email to outandabout@sunrift.com to register for free.
  • Meet world kayaker Steve Fischer March 16thPedal up the trail to Sunrift for this free event from 6-8pm. Live vicariously through  Steve Fischer as he shows films and talks about his adventures exploring the world. More details here
  • 336 people crossed Hwy 253/ West Blue Ridge Rd in 1 hour! – If you were on the trail from 12:28 – 1:20 on Feb 11th, I was that guy sitting off in the distance in a chair on the sidewalk with a clicker and camera in hand. A lot of people using the GHS Swamp Rabbit crossed Hwy 253 that day. Be safe and be aware. If you are a driver, don’t practice “Southern Hospitality” by stopping so trail user can cross the road because other cars may not stop. (insert screeching tires and rear-end collision noise here) Of course yield to anyone already crossing the road. Be safe and alert.
  • SCTrails.net – Its updated and it’s your best place to start for all things trail in South Carolina. Check it out.
  • The St. Paddy’s Day 5k Dash and Bash – March 18th, run downtown Greenville in costume (or not) start and finish in the recently renovated and expanded Fluor Field, revenues support Camp Spearhead and other charities. Click here to do you good deed for your heath and our children. Don’t want to run come for the Bash.
  • Earth Day Goose Chase at Lake Conestee Nature Park – Before you call the ASPCA, this is a team adventure hunt not fowl population control. Teams of 2-5 will be sent out on the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail and the other trails of Lake Conestee Nature Park. Adventures may or may not including hugging a tree but it will be fun for all of us with an adventurous spirit. Click here for details
  • Reedy River Spring Clean-up March 18th – Want to get wet and muddy while hugging the community? Click here
  • New Carrot Food Guides – let me know if you’d like a stack of our new Carrot Food Guide to the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail for your waiting room or business. An on-line version will be posted here soon, for now enjoy the last edition.

Wow, that was a lot of stuff. Sorry for the flood but hopefully you enjoyed something.

See you out there.

If you’d like to sign up for the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail Hoppenings email list, please contact Ty Houck at thouck@greenvillecounty.org.