Pelham Mill Park

2770 E Phillips Rd, Greer, SC 29650 • 20 acres

Amenities: Dog Park, Historic Site, Walking Trail

Pelham Mill Park History

The Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission donated this 13 acre site bordering the Enoree River to the District in 1988. It was home to the first textile mill in Greenville County outside of the city limits of Greenville. It’s location, near the Hwy 14/I-85 interchange near Greenville Spartanburg Airport position it to be a potential gateway to Greenville County.

The scenic and historic elements parallel that of downtown’s Falls Park. Today, in partnership with ReWa (Renewable Water Resources), seven acres have been added to the park. Its focal point is a masonry dam and overlook where visitors can view architectural remains of the mill and the cascading shoals of the Enoree. The master plan envisions a passive park with picnic sites, historical interpretation, dog park, and a walking bridge spanning the river that provides access to scenic trails along the Enoree.

The former Pelham Mill Post Office, built circa 1870, was moved to the park when Hwy. 14 was widened. Greenville Rec, with support from ReWa and Greenville County, is stabilizing the historic structure that has fallen into disrepair over the past decade. Pelham Mill is recognized by the Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission as a historic site in the County.

The old Pelham Mill Office has been withering away from the elements since its arrival on site. Interest in restoring the structure to its original architectural glory came from the water authority ReWa who owns a plant next door and donated property that is now Pelham Mill dog park.  Greenville Rec and Greenville County were excited about a partnership that would make this decaying structure functional again. As of now funding is being secured to “stabilize” the structure. DP3 Architects, Ltd has consulted on the project to provide the architectural designs based on advanced historic preservation practices. Hatfield Builders were chosen to complete the onsite construction and will begin work in April 2013.

Stabilization essentially means rebuilding and securing the roof the the existing  support structure and completing a shell of a building that looks like the mill office once looked. It will be weatherized to defend the structure against further assault from the elements and its restored appearance will hopefully dissuade further vandalism to the historic structure. At this point the structure will not be functional for entry or occupation and will be strictly cosmetic. It will, however, represent the historic quality the building once held and demonstrate a visual example of how the site formerly appeared.

Check back regularly for stabilization updates. The timeline will be amended as progress occurs. Thank you for your interest in Pelham Mill Park and the Office Stabilization project.

April 16, 2013 – Construction has begun on the roof and walls of the office structure. Pieces will be removed, restored, re-fabricated and re-installed over the next couple months.

May 18th, 2013 – Pelham Mill Office work schedule for May will include:

1.  removing the existing top masonry wall sections down to the arch windows (all 4 walls).

2.  stabilizing and rebuilding the masonry walls back to their original height with original and new brick material.

3.  installing new footing for the new floor support piers.



July 1, 2013