Swimming Lessons

Our swim lesson program is now accredited in partnership with the Starfish Aquatic Institute, a nationally renowned developmental swim cuWestside WLSLtwo kidsrriculum and progression. USA Swimming also approves our curriculum! Westside Aquatic Complex offers Star Babies and Star Tots – a Parent / Child swim program for children 6 months  to 36 months old, Starfish Swim School for youth ages 3 – 12 years old, Adult lessons for individuals 13 years old and older, and Private & Semi-Private lessons upon request. If you have any questions, please call 864-679-SWIM (7946) or email Jenny Faulconer at jfaulconer@greenvillecounty.org.

Greenville County Rec is now an official USA Swimming Make A Splash partner! See below for more information on the Make A Splash Initiative..

About Make A Splash


Consistent with the goal of saving lives and providing every child in America with the opportunity to learn how to swim, Make a Splash, a national child-focused water safety initiative, was created by the USA Swimming Foundation in 2007. Make a Splash partners with learn-to-swim providers across the country to provide swimming lessons and educate kids on the importance of learning how to swim. Many partner programs are located in disadvantaged or ethnically diverse communities and provide training programs (including certified instructors, resources and quality programming) to help children become water-safe and share with them a lifelong physical fitness activity.  Make a Splash’s awareness campaign is built around the staggering statistics that minority children ages 5-14 are most at risk for drowning, and drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 14. Make a Splash educates parents through a national awareness campaign; saves lives by joining forces with grassroots learn-to-swim programs and reaches millions of children through its programming, promotions and publicity tours..

Visit www.MakeASplash.org for more information.


Star Babies & Star Tots (Parent / Child Lessons)

Star Babies: Register Here

Star Tots: Register Here

Star Babies Ages: 6 months to 18 months

Star Tots Ages: 19 months to 36 months

Through positive, child-focused teaching methods, we will cover the following skills in the Parent / Child Swimming Program:

  • Water entry and exit
  • Safety in and around the water
  • Water adjustment and acclimation
  • Parent education
  • Fun and games
  • Basic swimming movements (kicking, paddling, blowing bubbles)
  • Breath control and independence (older swimmers)

4, 30 minute lessons

–  $55 ($68.75 out of county) Fall

1 Instructor per class

1 Parent per child .

Click Here to View the Star Babies/Star Tots Brochure

Starfish Swim School (Ages 3 - 12)

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Click on the Parent Handbook link below for more information.
Parent Handbook

  • 6, 45 minute lessons
  • $63 ($78.75out of county) for Fall
  • 1 Instructor per every 3 students (beginner)
  • 1 Instructor per every 6 students (advanced)

Click here for a Swim School Brochure


Discover the world of competitive swimming!

The Discovery Program is a precompetitive group that will introduce  swimmers to the fun and exciting world of competitive swimming. Swimmers will learn stroke mechanics and the proper techniques of the four competitive
strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly.

Introduction to competitive racing skills include: Starts, Turns, Finishes.

Ages: 5 – 12

Click here to view the Discovery Program brochure


Spring Program (returning in spring 2017)
Enroll your swimmer in Team Greenville’s Pre SAIL Program to prepare them for a fast summer of swimming. Swimmers may begin at any point throughout the session and the program fees will be prorated. Child must be able to swim 25 yards of free and backstroke unassisted to join. Pre SAIL runs from April through May and swimmers can begin at any time. 

Click Here to learn more about Pre SAIL

Starfish Swim School for Teens and Adults (Ages 13 and Over)

adult swim lessonsFREE Adult Swim Lessons this Spring! Generously donated by Upstate Splash. Call (864)679-7946 to register. Click Here to Learn More. 

If you are an adult looking for an opportunity to gain greater confidence in the water or learn primary swimming skills, then our adult group swimming lessons are for you.

The adult lesson program is goal based, so if you are brand new to the water we will work on water acclimation and water safety.  For those adults who are comfortable in water, we will expand on existing skills and learn basic technique and stroke refinement.

Whatever your goals or needs are, our experienced instructors will give you the tools you need to succeed.

4, 45 minute lessons: $55 ($68.75 out of county)

1 Instructor per 6 students

Register Here

Click here for a Teen and Adult Swim Brochure

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request.  The cost is $25 per half hour ($35 out of county). Please contact our swim school coordinator at 864-679-SWIM (7946), or swimschool@greenvillecounty.org for more information or to book your appointment.

Team Greenville:tg logo copy
Team Greenville is a year-round competitive swim team program.  Click on the document below to learn more. Click here to learn more about Team Greenville.
Click Here for a Team Greenville Brochure.

Greenville County Rec also offers swimming lessons during the summer at:


Discovery Island Waterpark

Otter Creek Waterpark .