Team Greenville

Team Greenville is a year-round competitive swim team program.  The program is operated at the state of the art Westside Aquatic Complex by the Greenville County  Rec and serves the residents of Greenville County and the Upstate.  Team Greenville provides fun, safe, and exciting opportunities for swimmers of all ages, skill, and commitment levels.  At Team Greenville, swimmers have fun developing swimming skills and improving their physical fitness.  Team Greenville swimmers also build self-confidence while learning important life skills.  Team Greenville provides a strong team and social environment. .


Greenville senior swimmers go on to swim successfully and earn scholarships at the NCAA level. Information on the 2015 Team Greenville swimming season is now available. If you are new to Team Greenville this season you will need to schedule a placement assessment.  Please call or e-mail Coach Brooke at 220-0209 to schedule a time.  Assessments take 10-15 minutes and give the coaching staff a chance to see the swimmer in the water, and provide swimmers and parents a chance to ask questions. . If you are interested in our ten-week seasonal swimming program click here.  If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact Coach Brooke at 220-0209 or via e-mail at



If your swimmer is looking for an introduction to competitive swimming without the year round commitment, check out our TG Discovery program which serves as a bridge for swimmers new to year round competitive swimming looking to learn technique in a fun, informative environment. Click here.

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The outstanding Team Greenville coaching staff combines nearly 100 years of successful swim coaching at every level from coaching beginning swimmers up to and including the Olympics!  Team Greenville coaches are swimming experts with great passion for the sport of swimming and a calling to coach youngsters in our sport.  We have developed a successful age group coaching progression where kids learn the most current “cutting edge” techniques in a fun, diverse, safe and supportive atmosphere.  Team Greenville helps swimmers to develop a lifelong passion for swimming and for physical fitness.  Swimmers are always encouraged to enjoy the sport, have fun, and do their best.  Team Greenville swimmers often enjoy long and successful swimming careers.  Team Greenville offers an elite level senior program that supplies an environment designed to achieve success at the top levels of regional and national swimming competition.  Many Team Greenville senior swimmers go on to swim successfully and earn scholarships at the NCAA level. . Click Here to View Team Greenville Coaches’ Bios.

Team Greenville’s mission is to provide a full-service, sustainable swim program for the residents of Greenville County and the Upstate. The program offers the opportunity for each individual to reach his or her full potential as a swimmer and as a person. By stressing the importance of fun, fitness, and the pursuit of excellence, Team Greenville provides opportunities for enhanced quality of life, improved health, and development of the dedication, character, and self-esteem necessary to become a productive member of society. This mission is achieved while providing social opportunities to develop friendships among people of all cultural, racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.