Howdy to all including you first-timers who signed up through GVL Today, as always, here we go in no particular order:

  • 10th Anniversary of Momentum Bike Clubs: Resilience Awards Dinner, March 12, 2020 from 6-8PM – Was it a coincidence that less than a year after the first section of the Green Line of the SRT opened that Momentum Bike Clubs was formed? Of course not! Come celebrate a decade of helping youth overcome life’s challenges through the challenge and joy of cycling. This year’s keynote speaker is Jasmine Reese, a city girl, who with $50 in her pocket, a violin and her furry friend Fiji pedaled across the US seeking to restore her self-confidence. Get your tickets here before March 5th and pedal there using the SRT!
  • Repaving is coming to the Green Line. Sign up to get text alerts of the temporary closures – County crews are out on the trail now pruning tree roots as part of our shoulder and pavement repair project. We are doing everything we can to minimize any interruption to those that depend on the trail; however, an asphalt truck takes up the whole width so we have no option but to close the trail sometimes. Find out before you roll out. Text “swamprabbit” to 99000 to subscribe to text alerts. We will also use this system to alert you about weather-related closures and special events that could make the trail busier
  • Adaptive sports schedule including adaptive cycling ride March 26, 6-7:30pm – The SRT is a transportation network designed for all. The Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital is our partner in helping people with physical disabilities. find the bikes  they need to enjoy the trail. Click here for details. Kristen and her crew are awesome, smiley people committed to helping people get rolling on the Rabbit.
  • Kona Bike Demo, March 10th, 3-7 pm – Sunrift Adventures is hosting another free bike demo at Gateway Park in Travelers Rest.
  • Help Tanglewood Middle pave a trail – Tanglewood is one of the Momentum Bike Clubs but they are too far away from the trail to bike there and there is no safe biking around their campus. Leadership Greenville 46 aims to change that with a ¾ mile paved trail around the campus that would be open to all. To date they have raised $63,125 of their $80,000 goal! If everyone on this newsletter just gave $5 the fundraising would end and the paving would begin. Click here to do it. And click here to read more about the effort.
  • Looking for examples of bike / ped friendly cultural trails – page 145 of the recently adopted Greenville County Comprehensive Plan talks about the development of a cultural heritage trail for Greenville County. Let me know if you know of good examples of such that are fun to visit on foot or wheel. Click here for the County Comprehensive Plan that includes other action steps to help make Greenville County even greater.
  • History of Jazz Festival on the Swamp Rabbit – It’s just an idea right now but how cool would it be to be moving down the trail and you start to hear faint riffs off in the distance? Then as you approach the Lakeview Link you see a trio of jazz musicians sharing their art on a sunny day. Further as you carry on the Green Line you come up to a big band playing Benny Goodman at Swamp Rabbit Station. Then, like  changing the dial on the radio (us older folks get that reference), as you move down the trail you start to hear music from another jazz era come into  earshot. Well, that is what Bruce Burney, Executive Director of the Greenville Jazz Collective, and I want to make happen. If you want to be a part of helping this go from an idea to a reality drop your name in the hat by clicking here and going to the contact section of the Greenville Jazz Collective website.
  • Litter Prevention App – Recently, Birds Fly South and Swamp Rabbit Café organized a trail clean-up between their two places of business. Over 200 people showed up to do their civic good deed. At the end of the event we used the Litter Prevention app to have the crews come pick up everything. It is a very easy app to use and allows you to not only report litter anywhere in the county outside of the city limits but also volunteer to help the crews pick up the area and bag it. We even provide free supplies. Click here for details on the app and the program.
  • New Maps Available – “The New Maps Are Here! The New Maps Are Here! “ That’s a play on a quote from a movie.  Who knows the movie?) The city halls of Greenville and Travelers Rest have 7000 copies each of the new trail maps. Swing by and grab as many as you need for yourself or your business.
  • SC Interscholastic Cycling League – SCICL is now part of NICA which develops interscholastic mountain biking programs for middle school and high school student-athletes across the United States. This program has been growing in SC since 2018 and now is large enough to become its own state league (Previously those that chose to race went to the Georgia Fall series races.) Click here to find out more including details on the first annual leadership summit. In the summer you’ll start seeing these student-athletes riding the Swamp Rabbit network to practice.
  • Lake Conestee Nature Preserve – New name/same great place. The non-profit Conestee Foundation recently announced a rebranding to better reflect their conservation mission and educational objectives. If it’s it been awhile why not reconnect with this 400+ acre preserve where 220 bird species have alighted? Click Here
  • The Carrot Guide – Either in hand or on your phone the Carrot Guide comes in handy when picking destinations along the Swamp Rabbit Trail network. If you want a stack of the guides for your lobby or just one for your back pocket swing by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce at 550 S Main St, Greenville, SC or click here for an electronic version.

That’s it for now. Many thanks to all who enjoy the trail, take the effort to give constructive feedback, and share smiles with fellow Swamp Rabbiters.


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