It’s Bike Month y’all, so make sure you got enough air in those tires or better yet have one of our great local mechanics do an annual bike check on your ride and get rollin’. Here, in no particular order of course, are some things to hopefully help motivate you to get out there and discover a “Greenway of Life”

  • Cycle over for Salsa, TONIGHT, May 17th, 6-10pm – This month’s Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery’s dance party includes kid’s and adult salsa lessons AND Tacos!!! Yes your mouth is watering I know and you’ll be doing your daily good deed because 10% of all sales that night will go to support Bike Walk Greenville’s Lakeview Link project. Dance party details here.
  • Remember Our Veterans Event, May 19 at Swamp Rabbit Station, 10:30 – 11:30 – the great folks of Berea Station Events are hosting another trailside event. This time it is for the dedication of the Veterans Memorial at Swamp Rabbit Station. So head up to Swamp Rabbit Station @ Berea to show your appreciation for our veterans. Details
  • The TR Farmers Markets, Saturdays 8:30-12– The TR Farmers Market is in full swing and this Saturday you’ll hear the sound of bagpipes lilting through the leaves because the theme is Scottish Games Preview. Click here for details on all the activities.
  • Bike to Scotland May 24th– Hop on the Rabbit and head to Scotland (via the Scottish Games at Furman that is). Park your bike under the Pedal Chic tent and while you are buying your ticket get a free t-shirt for your efforts. And did you know that the Scots invented the pedal bike, the pneumatic tire and paving. Great Scot! Details
  • Introductory level adaptive cycling clinic at Pleasant Ridge Park, May 19th 10-noon – Rain or shine, First Cycle™, a program of the Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF) will introduce amputees and those with mobility challenges to adaptive cycling. The goal of First Cycle is to introduce both children and adults to cycling as part of their ongoing recreation, wellness and rehabilitation.  There is NO CHARGE for the event, but pre-registration is requested.  Online registration and details here
  • Truckin’ Tuesdays at Swamp Rabbit Inn – Sunshine, crafts, tunes and my favorite food truck is the scene for the summer season of Truckin’ Tuesdays. Put the next one on your calendar now, June 12th 6-9pm
  • Buy local, ride local – There are a lot of great bike shops selling all kinds of bikes. All bikes, All month are 25% off at Academy Sports. Buy one before the weekend and bring it to Bike Day at Swamp Rabbit Café this Saturday Details
  • Do you want to see the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network and natural surface trails come to Simpsonville? – Then join the National Park Service and other trail supporters for a community meeting on May 31st from 6pm – 8pm at the Activity & Senior Center at 310 W. Curtis St., Simpsonville. If you can’t make the meeting but want to stay engaged email [email protected] and let them know.
  • Here is another moving poem by our Swamp Rabbit Poet:


The little girl with the golden hair
Crouches on the rocky path
Next to the playground
Where the other children play,
And the other fathers sit on a bench,
Talk about last night’s game,
Wonder how the cafe’s pizza is.
Her father could pick her up,
Take her into the safely-fenced play area,
Talk about pizza and beer,
But he keeps one foot on the gravel path
And the other near the driveway to guard her
While she places a smooth stone
into her small palm and lifts her hand
To feel the weight and picks up another
in her other hand and discovers
One stone is light and one is heavy.
She lays them end-to-end
And discovers the beginning of a line.
She rubs the dust off one and discovers
It is whiter than the other.
He could just pick her up gently and
Take her to the playground with child-size
Climbing boxes and steps and towers,
Safe behind the corral fence,
But she is busy just now becoming
an archaeologist
Or a road engineer.
Maybe an artist.

We will also be posting some more poems on our trailside kiosks. Check them out next time you ride by.

  • Lever Gear new product launch party at Hampton Station, TONIGHT – leave a little early for the dance party mentioned earlier and stop by the Lever Gear to see the new product they create right there at Hampton Station. Hampton Station is on the Orange Line of the Swamp Rabbit Trail network. RSVP for the party here. And as of two weeks ago the Orange Line now connects with the Poe Mill community at Buncombe Rd!!
  • NICA – NICA is a national middle and high school mountain bike development program that provides the opportunity to enjoy the adventure of mountain biking in the Upstate with opportunities to race in the fall. Interested student athletes and parents/guardians need to attend an informational meeting on May 30th. Details here
  • Network Expansion to CU-ICAR – things are progressing as expected. We are working with 8 generous property owners that are giving of their land freely so that we can expand our network into the Golden Strip area of Greenville County.
  • Downtown Greenville Workforce Transportation Survey – Do you have a company downtown or work downtown in the 29601 zip code area? Then take a few minutes to help make the right changes. Complete the Survey
  • Thank you San Souci for connecting communities – a hardworking crew of 15 planned and implemented a gravel path connection to the GHS Swamp Rabbit Green Line during HOG Day. Thanks for making it happen and thank you to the private property owners for being part of the improvement.
  • The Lakeview Link is 72% of the way there! – The non-profit Bike Walk Greenville is raising money to build the Lakeview Link. The corridor has been flagged and forestry mowed the near the Duke Energy substation. I have put out signs to help trail users recognize the location. YOU CAN HELP! There are 3473 people receiving this newsletter today. If you believe in the power of greenways and the broad ways they help individuals and communities, show it by giving 10 bucks. If we all give at least 10 bucks then the Lakeview Link will get the funding it needs before the July 1 deadline and more importantly you will be part of a strong voice for greenways. Click here for more details and to DONATE. (If you want to eat your way to $10, spend $100 at the dance party tonight and that will gain us ten bucks!)

So what if the forecast says rain today through the next week, like Kristen says “We’re not made of sugar! “ So get out there and enjoy all the sensations that come with being active!

Thank you for taking the effort to be engaged.


If you’d like to sign up for the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail Hoppenings email list, please contact Ty Houck at [email protected].