Fall weather is here and some of the best times to get out on the trail or just outside in general. So here is some motivation and other tidbits of info that I packed in here:

  • Trailblazer Park Events:  A fun thing to do on the GHS Swamp Rabbit is to use if for your community transportation. Remember bikes always get the best parking. One great place to visit is Trailblazer Park for either their Farmers Market, on Saturday mornings in September; Music in the Park, which wraps up this weekend with shows Friday and Saturday night; the Bluegrass Music and Harvest Market, Thursday nights in October; or Art on the Trail, on October 21st. So put a basket on that bike or grab a backpack to carry home all the goodies to be had while you visit Trailblazer Park.
  • Happy boy racingSwamp Rabbits Off-Road Cycling Club: If you have a child between the ages of 8-14 that would enjoy high-level coaching, a chance to race and to be part of a club with some cool jerseys, consider signing them up for this 8 week camp that starts this weekend. Click here for details and registration. Most sessions meet at Trailblazer park so drop the kids and walk over to the Farmer’s Market.
  • NICA off to a great start: The Greenville County contingent had nearly 30 middle and high school student-athletes represent the Upstate at Road Atlanta last weekend. With many of these competitors having come through the Swamp Rabbits, the future looks bright for competitive mountain biking for the Upstate. NICA stands for National Interscholastic Cycling Association and currently has over 12,000 student-athletes across the country. Our Upstate Composite High School Team in its first year is already ranked 17th out of the 44 teams racing the Georgia series. Our Middle School girls and Freshman boys had podium finishes!! When the Lt. Governor of Georgia shows up to start the races you realize this sport has a big following.
  • Trail traffic light coming to Sulphur Springs Rd: Count to 6.2 secs, that is how long you will have to wait (It just  took 6.2 seconds to read from the title of this item to here.)after pushing the button to get the green light to safely cross the four lane Sulphur Springs Rd. No, you can’t push the button again and again to get the greenlight every 6.2 seconds, there is a 30 second clear cycle between when the button will active the light. Bids have been received so look for this improvement to be installed in the next couple of months.
  • GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail to CU-ICAR:  It’s the hot topic and it’s still on track to be under construction in January 2018. It’s even more exciting to have the conversations with adjacent property (it has been 36.2 seconds now) owners on how they want provide destinations and attractions up and down this new section of trail. Thank you for your ideas, excitement and engagement in making this a true community impact project.
  • What bike shops are near the trail and rent bikes?: The GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail has helped the economy to the tune to $6.7 million in tourism revenue annually, part of that growth has included bike shops. We recently updated our website and want to make sure we have everyone listed that is within a safe bikeable distance to the trail. Let me know if we missed someone. (click the link and then scroll down to the FAQ section to see the current list of bike rentals)
  • The Carrot Food Guide: If you’d like a box of Carrots for your business/office/restaurant let me know. If you have read and/or used the Carrot and are willing to give of your time and opinions so we make the next edition even better let me know.
  • SC Trails Website: If you didn’t already know, the SC Trails website got a major overall recently. It is now an incredibly easy and rich resource for all things trails in SC. Check it out and spend a little time helping Neal keep it current by letting him know if he missed a trail.
  • Get Out Greenville Festival – Oct 7th: Put it on the calendar and click here of all the details. Some of the highlights – trail runs, climbing wall, boat and SUP demos, Cyclocross races for kids and adults.
  • Bike Friendly Survey: If you live in or near the city of Greenville, please take 3 mins (that is how long it took me) to give your valuable feedback to help biking. Click here
  • Thanks to Greenville County School Board: The GCSB approved an easement that will allow us to create a connector trail to Lakeview Middle School.  The impact of this opportunity is best captured in the words of Mrs. Jennifer Hull, Related Arts Teacher at Lakeview. “The Lakeview  Bike Club has had approximately 50 boys and girls ride with us since 2012. The GHS SRT allows them to experience, many for the first time, Furman University grounds, downtown Greenville, Falls Park, the Cancer Survivors Park, and Travelers Rest.  They ride anywhere from 8 to 14 miles per day and grow in strength, feelings of accomplishment, and leadership. The GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail and our club allow them to actually be outside after school, which isn’t safe or possible in many of their neighborhoods. They adore taking turns being the club leader on the trail and the feeling of independence when a group can ride in front of an adult mentor.” This project is now in fundraising mode. It is estimated to cost $150,000.
  • Google Maps now has elevation graphs: When you pick the bike icon, you’ll now get an elevation profile. So now you’ll know that it’s a net drop of 151 feet from the Whistle Stop Café to Falls Park. Pretty cool.
  • VA Creeper Trail Ride during peak of Fall Colors: Ride downhill both ways, yes that is what I said, because that is how we roll! This popular trip is on Thursday, Oct 12th so you get all the color without the crowds. We’ll shuttle you so you’ll ride downhill from Abingdon, VA and then downhill from Whitetop Mtn. Sign up here, bring your bikes and a pillow for sleeping in the bus, we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Venture Outdoors Day – September 30th: Head over to the Doodle Trail and enjoy downtown Pickens during this day long festival that includes  mountain bike races, trail runs and a 4×4 Cruise In on Main St. Details
  • Thank you Hampton Park: Thanks Paul and all the kids and parents for the 160 volunteer hours to help work on the JFA trail at Pleasant Ridge and the grounds of Westside Park. You are Park Heroes!! Remember there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for groups and individuals, just let me know and we’ll find something fun.
  • Cancer Survivor Park: Construction is expected to continue until the end of the year, so until then you can enjoy the new bridge from 6pm on Fridays till 9pm on Sundays.
  • Party at the Point – September 16th:  Hop on the Conference Bike (Google it) as the parking lot in front of REI and Wholefoods turns into a festival for activities for the whole family (Details)
  • Handcyclist help: Thank you Joe and the GHS adaptive sports program for your time and efforts as we design the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail to work better for you. Look for a push button at the height for a handcyclist when we make the Sulphur Springs Rd improvements. And stay tuned for improved turning radius as we work with our partners to connect the trail.
  • Free trailside Yoga: Every Thursday night through September at Soul Yoga at 7:15. Om, find your soul on the GHS Swamp Rabbit.

Sorry for this long Hoppenings but hope you find some fun and happiness out there. Thank you for being so engaged in our community.

Stay Right Pass Left, see you on the trail.



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