As usual the following is in no particular order. Hope you enjoy…

Welcome Deputy Christy Hunnicutt to the TeamNow we have three smiling Deputies out on the trail. Christy is excited to become part of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail community. Take a minute to introduce yourself when you see her out on the trail network.

Lakeview Link fundraising effort – Bike Walk Greenville (BWG), whose role is to promote the building of biking and walking infrastructure across the county by working closely with local governments, signed an agreement with Greenville County in December to raise $100k needed to pay for materials to build what is being coined the “Lakeview Link”. Greenville County has agreed to self-perform the work and maintain this unique addition to the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network that will connect Old Buncombe Rd, the communities around the old U.S. Finishing plant, and Lakeview Middle School.  Bike Walk Greenville is every one of us that seek and enjoy the opportunity to Bike and Walk around Greenville County. 74 of you have contributed $500 or less with a few of you able to give more. THANK YOU!!. To date, BWG has raised just over $60k. The goal is to raise the remaining amount by July 1,  so we, the county, can begin construction by January 1, 2019. If you believe in the positive mental, physical and spiritual impacts that come from being able to walk and bike around your community watch this video to learn how to give.

Meet the Swamp Rabbit Poet – You meet old friends on the trail and you make new ones.  A few weeks ago I met Sue cruising on a very chic ride and I am happy to call her a new friend. With a verecund smile she told me she calls  herself the Swamp Rabbit Poet. And she is a prolific! She is like those Poem-A-Day Calendars. To date this is my favorite.

I watch Slow Dog
teeter on his tired legs,
collapse onto his lame hips,
and settle softly upon
his grassy spot
at the side of the trail,
a favorite resting spot.
(There are many.)
The Man holds the slack leash
in his crooked hand
And waits.
He can see his house,
Ten minutes, at most.
(Once it was a two-minute sprint.)
Slow Dog doesn’t move.
“You know,” I whisper;
Though, of course he cannot hear.
“Your man with the cloudy eyes
and the crooked hands,
and the voice so soft it has
almost disappeared:
Go on, now. Get him home.
Let him hang up the leash.
Tomorrow you will sit
by the sunny window —
and the next day; and
the day after that —
On the fleecy couch
with the two worn cushions
shaped by two old friends,
who once sprinted
like the wind;
Leash, taut,
two minutes
Like greyhounds.”

This chance meeting reminded me that the impact of a simple ribbon of asphalt that travels through woods and into towns is broad, wide and deeply personal. Nice to meet you Sue.

Give Furman Feedback for the Future – if you have 5 mins please share your time and thoughts to help these Furman students gather input on ideas and preferences for a large track of land divided by the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network next to Furman University. Thanks for filling out this survey.

Summer Camps and Jobswatch this one minute video for a taste of what fun your kids could have this summer either as a camper or a counselor. Then sign them up. Don’t suffer the “May Mayhem” of trying to find a camp because you kept putting it off. Advanced Mountain Bike Camp is already full and taking a wait list. Waterpark jobs are going fast. You have been warned.

Swamp Rabbit Off-Road Cycling Camp – Sign-up is also open for this fall weekend camp for kids ages 8-15. Camp runs from September 15 – Nov 10th with great instruction and some fun races sprinkled in between. Click here for details.

Smart lights on Laurens Rd – Valerie with the city of Greenville was explaining the technical elements of the system to me the other day but in essence if you are on Laurens Rd between I-85 and Main St. Go with the flow – when the light turns green roll along at 35 mph and you’ll roll through green light after green light. Don’t worry that is not a “stale green” (remember that from the driving exam?)  off in the distance it’s a green light saying “I am here for you if you don’t hurry”

Hoodies to Help Momentum Bike Club – All the cool kids are wearing them. By a GHS Swamp Rabbit youth hoodie at Swamp Rabbit café for 12 bucks and show that you are part of the community.  Then wear that cozy hoodie to the bike-in movie night on March 24th at Swamp Rabbit Café. Details here.

GHS Swamp Rabbit to CU-ICAR – Status Report: We are working with 8 private property owners to be able to expand the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network from Cleveland Park to CU-ICAR and with any agreement that  is binding to the end of time those property owners are carefully reviewing said agreements. I appreciate their active engagement and thank them for their time. Once the paperwork is out of the way, the construction can begin.

Greenville Textile Heritage Park Ground Breaking – Hop on the trail then over to Smythe St across form Monaghan Mill for the groundbreaking ceremony  this Monday, the 26th, at 10am. This project headed up by the Greenville Revitalization  Corporation and the Greenville Textile Heritage Society will be another feather in the cap of our community.  Use Google Maps, click the bike icon, then drop in these coordinates 34.867352, -82.426200 to get there.

Stolen sign recovered – Thank you to Mary and her husband for being engaged trail users. No one messes with the Rabbit and gets away with it.

Litter Ends Here app – Want to help keep Greenville County clean but sometimes you don’t have the means at that exact moment?  Well search and download the app “Litter Ends Here”  and Deanna and  her crew will take it from there.

“One of the most important days of my life was when I learned to ride a bicycle.”  –  Michael Palin, Monty Python actor

Thank  you for reading this far. So get out there, enjoy your community, enjoy the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network. Be active, be engaged. If you are willing to pay for the pleasure the trail brings take a minute and show it by donating to the Lakeview Link.  The money makes things happen, the message makes a statement of what is important to your soul.




If you’d like to sign up for the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail Hoppenings email list, please contact Ty Houck at [email protected].