Welcome to Labor Day Weekend everyone. If you are in town this long weekend there are some fun things to do via the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network. And as always, there are other miscellaneous things that I thought you might enjoy in this epistle:

  • Get Out Greenville Festival, Oct 6th – Come bike, run, paddle, climb and/or just hang-out at Conestee Park from 10am – 3pm. Click here for all the details including vendor information and a video of the party the other year.
  • Stop at Furman – For many of us we have been in the “back to school” mode recently. What was one of the things you remember most about college life? One thing that comes to my mind is the endless soft serve ice cream at the Dining Hall.  Well, did you know that everyone is welcome to go eat at the Furman University Dining Hall?  You can get on campus from the GHS Swamp Rabbit Green Line at mile marker SR270. Do the math on how many miles you need to travel on the trail to “net zero” the caloric intact of a precipitously high serving of vanilla in a cake cone (that was my favorite) . Hours and details here.
  • What is your trail address? – I just mentioned that the “trail front door” to Furman is at SR270. Café @ Williams Hardware is SR241. The Lakeview Link will be at SR297. The magicians that manage the county’s GIS mapping system are fellow trail fans and have recently added a layer on the county map that not only shows all the different lines of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network but also the locations of the 1/10th of a mile stencils on the trail. Use this link to get to the map, then click “Maps” from the upper left drop down menu, then “Layers”, then “Places of Interest”, then click on the layers you want to turn on. And remember,  you can use Google Maps’ Streetview to see those trailside front doors. If you pan down you can even see the hat I was wearing while helping the guy holding the Streetview camera.
  • Start this weekend by exploding a watermelon – No I am not talking about using explosives. It’s all about rubber bands. Head down the Green Line to the Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery (address SR 314) tonight for their Watermelon Luau which includes either being on a 2 man team to apply the rubber bands or you can relive going to a Gallagher concert and sit really close. Details
  • New children’s book tells a story that encourages you to hit the trail – Have you met Office Jack Rabbit or Burford Bunny out on the trail yet? The fine folks of the Berea community have created a fun story that hops from the pages onto the Green Line of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network. The book, written and illustrated by Berea residents, Lynn and Chris, is already in stores and there will be a community book release scheduled for September 22, from 4 – 6 pm at Swamp Rabbit Station. Officer Jack and Burford along with 5 other characters from the story can be found between SR 294 and SR 264. So, get out there with the family and see if you can find all 7 of the characters along this 3 mile stretch. (Hint: Clues are in the book) Click here for details, including where to get a book.
  • Help support the Reedy River during the State River Clean-up Day, September 15th – The Reedy River for many reason is why the Green Line of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network exists today. It seems only fitting that we help her out a little. You can decide to get dirty or not. Click here for details. Thanks Rion for the reminder.
  • Bike Walk Greenville is throwing a Party, September 30th – As you might remember BWG worked hard with so many people to raise $100,000 in 5 months to build the Lakeview Link. (Construction scheduled to start January 1st) Now it is time to party! Join them at Hampton Station on the Orange Line of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network from 1pm -6pm. Come to find out more about BWG, come just because you like the lawn at Hampton Station, come to be a competitor or spectator for the adults racing kids bikes races, and/or come just because you like hanging out with others that like the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network as much as you do. Details
  • Kona Bike Demo at Gateway Park,  September 4th 3-7pm – If you are in the market for a new bike come check out Kona’s latest offerings for free. Hit the mountain bike trails at Gateway Park or the Green Line  of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail network. Call Sunrift Adventures (864-834-3019 )  if you need more details. Gateway Park and Sunrift Adventure are at SR240.
  • The Swamp Rabbit Poet – (hopefully I got the formatting right this time)


Blessed is the one who
Travels under leafy shade
And gives her peaceful coolness
To another
Who is parched.
And blessed is the one who hears a bird
And her smile is like a song for
Another who is tired;
And blessed is she whose heart has
Fluttered on birds’ wings,
And gives her story to
Another who has forgotten how to dance.

  • Progress towards CU-ICAR – Since this is the question I get the most I wanted to end with a status report. We continue to work with the private property owners around Verdae Blvd and between Laurens Rd and Pleasantburg. Things are progressing as expected with both sides doing their due diligence to make sure these agreements work for both sides. My deepest thanks to all these property owners for their time and willingness to create something that will impact so many. Without you there would be no trail.

Alright everyone, get out there and enjoy the trail. I am here if you need me. Drink plenty of water, stay right / pass left, announce yourself when passing from behind, stop at the stop signs, smile, have fun, make a point to make someone else happy.


If you’d like to sign up for the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail Hoppenings email list, please contact Ty Houck at [email protected].

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