Cedar Falls

201 Cedar Falls Road, Fountain Inn, SC 29644 • 95 acres

Amenities: Historic Site, Playground, Sand Volleyball, Shelter, Walking Trail

History of Cedar Falls Park

At this site in southern Greenville County the Reedy River widens to over 200 feet cascading over rocks and boulders to create one of the most geologically significant vistas on the river. The site dates back to the early 1800 when it housed an industry and an electric generating plant. The site will be developed into a passive park with trails, picnic groves, historic interpretative signs and a playground.

History 1 – The Cherokee

History 2 – The Falls

History 3 – Fork Shoals


This shelter has a grill, electrical power, 19 parking spaces, 4 tables, can accommodate 32  people.  The playground is within 100 feet of the shelter.  Restrooms are within 50 feet of the shelter.

Full Day Reservations Only:  9am – 6:45pm

Cost:  $100.00

Reservations:  Please call 864-288-6470 to reserve this shelter.

Please note that shelter reservations may not be made any earlier than January 1st for the given year.

Photos courtesy of Eva Frenzel…

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