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Gardening is about much more than simply growing your own food — it’s about getting outside, exercising, socializing, and teaching children (and reminding ourselves) where food comes from. It gives you a chance to connect with nature, and is a lifelong hobby that is both therapeutic and productive. Getting delicious fruits and vegetables is just a nice bonus. Greenville County Rec offers you your very own garden available at your choice of 4 locations for only $55 per bed annually.

Professional, friendly assistance is provided by Rec staff.  Contact Eileen if you have any questions, want to join the newsletter, or join a waitlist for a garden near you!

For some quick pro tips from our experts check out the segment from “Access Carolina.”

What’s it Like to Be a Member?

A one-year, renewable garden membership costs $55 per bed and includes:

  • Use of a 4ftx 8ft x12in raised garden bed
  • Security of a fully fenced and locked garden
  • On site water and composting
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Regular visits by garden coordinator

A membership year is from April 1 to March 31.

For more information, read our complete Community Garden Guidelines.

To join a wait list for a garden location near you, email Eileen Huckabay.

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