David Jackson Park

25 Fowler Rd., Taylors, SC 29687 • (off Hwy. 101 above Greer) • 50 acres

Amenities: Athletic Fields, Baseball, Playground, Tournament Facility, Walking Trail

History of David Jackson Park  (Who is David Jackson)

This facility is named after David Jackson who settled on the property where the park is established today. A Scotsman by birth, Jackson and his family are classic examples of Europeans families who immigrated to the Upstate of South Carolina during the late 1700’s. Jackson purchased land from the Few family, built a farm and grew tobacco, peaches, and wheat. He also served the office of Justice of Quorum, now referred to as Magistrate. Jackson asked to be buried on his property. His grave is a focal point of the park today sitting on a knoll with views of Paris Mountain and the surrounding Piedmont.