Southside Park

417 Baldwin Road, Simpsonville, SC 29680
(between Log Shoals Rd. and Standing Springs Rd.) • 66 acres

Amenities: Athletic Fields, Football, Playground, Shelter, Soccer, Tennis, Tournament Facility, Waterpark

Southside Park is home to Discovery Island Waterpark. . .

Map To Park

This shelter has restrooms, a grill, fireplace, electrical power, plenty of parking, 17 picnic tables,  and can accommodate 102 people.  There is a playground at the park; however, it is located across the park from the shelter.  Discovery Island Waterpark is within 150 yards of the shelter.

Full Day Reservations Only: 9 am – 9 pm

Cost:  $150.00 .

Reservations:  Please call 864-288-6470 to reserve this shelter.

Please note that shelter reservations may not be made any earlier than January 1st for the given year.