Happy Holidays to all. Grab some egg nog (leaded or unleaded), curl up by the fire and enjoy this fairly lengthy epistle.

  • Are you willing to be a Swamp Rabbit?: No, this doesn’t involve donning an 7’ mascot costume. I am looking for people that have personal stories about the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Maybe you moved from chillier climes because of  the Swamp Rabbit? OR maybe instead of a list of prescriptions you used the Swamp Rabbit to help in your recovery? OR did the trail motivate you to open a new business?  I am looking for people willing to be videotaped while they share 1-2 minute stories that end with “My name is _______ and I am a Swamp Rabbit.” If you are a Swamp Rabbit just send me a quick email and let’s chat further.
  • Moms for Motion want a pumptrack: In partnership with UGATA, Moms for Motion is currently scouting locations for an asphalt pumptrack like this one. They are looking for locations with 1500 sf of open space that is accessible via the Swamp Rabbit Trail network. One potential location is adjacent to Hampton Station along the Orange Line of the Swamp Rabbit network.
  • Green Line expansion: If you’ve driving down Haywood Rd you can see that the City of Greenville is hard at work on building the bridge. Things are still on track for Santa to be able to ride his sleigh down the trail in December next year. A great Christmas gift to all!  Thank you City of Greenville for  your partnership with the County on this. Thank you property owners who donated the easements necessary.
  • Eagle Scout Project complete: Jordan Adams chose to help trail users by making his eagle scout project the construction of a new storm shelter on the Green Line of the Swamp Rabbit network just south of Travelers Rest. Thank you, Jordan, it looks great.
  • Networking help: As we look to extend the Green Line of the Swamp Rabbit network into the Golden Strip I am looking for people to help me connect with the companies that use the rail service that goes through Mauldin, Simpsonville, Fountain Inn and beyond. We have already made a connection with GE Turbines. If you work at other businesses along this rail line or have connections with the decision makers of those companies please let me know. Thanks.
  • Stuff some trail in a stocking this season: Buy a section of trail for someone. It’s like owning a star but closer. Sections are available in 25’ increments for $25. You’ll get a certificate of “ownership” with the coordinates, but you will not be allowed to set up a toll booth on the section that you “own”. Sections are available on the Orange Line and the Green Line that are managed by Greenville County. Email or call me if you are interested in details.
  • B-cycles find new life with refugees: Now that the B-cycle fleet around town has been converted to ebikes, World Relief Upstate is helping us deliver the previous fleet of bikes to refugees in need up bicycles for community transportation.  Thank you, Reedy Rides, for all your efforts helping to get the bikes ready for our new residents. Thank you, Village Wrench, for connecting us with  Austin (and his truck) at World Relief Upstate.
  • Anyone want to do southern hospitality on the B-cycles?: To quote Dalton “Opinions vary.” (name that movie and actor), but my opinion is that the b-cycles are pretty drab. Anyone want to help splash some creative colors on them before we give more to World Relief Upstate? Give me a call or email me.
  • If you use the trail take the time to use your voice: The City of Greenville is seeking public input regarding how to connect Cleveland Park to the Green Line expansion – specifically at the Richland Way underpass. Click here for details posted by Bike Walk Greenville about the public input meetings on Dec 13th and 15th.
  • Santa on the Trail: Santa Claus is coming to Whistle Stop! Jolly old Father Christmas will take a break from his workshop and greet guests on Saturday the 18th from 1-3pm.  The weather may be nice or naughty, but join us on the covered roof with Santa and his helpers from the Greenville Rec Department, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, and TR Police Department.
  • Video Intermission: Enjoy this short well done video from RailsToTrails.org about being a nice trail user. (Click here)
  • More trailside housing: It’s so cool to see more and more people wanting to have the Swamp Rabbit at their front door. It’s just as cool how the new developments are adopting names related to the trail. Here is one of the latest – Trailview Townhomes
  • Another networking help: The section of the Green Line in Simpsonville wants to grow  so people can get from where they live to where they work. To do this I need some help connecting with Don Phillips or Mark Chapman at Interkraft. Can anyone out there make an introduction for me?
  • Striping, mile markers and road names: Hope everyone had been enjoying the new smooth fur on the Green Line of the Swamp Rabbit between Greenville and Travelers Rest. Some have asked and I want to let all know that when the temps warm back up in the spring we’ll be adding back the center line and 1/10th of a mile markers. We’ll also take the opportunity to add road name stencils.
  • Thank you Douglas Piper: Douglas generously lent his talent to create a limited edition print with 50% of the proceeds going to the Greater Greenville Parks Foundation to support the Swamp Rabbit. They were luxurious and it’s now fun to see fellow supporters sporting this fashionable t-shirt. Thanks Douglas!
  • Amazon Smile: You can now support the trail while you shop. By making your Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile and selecting to support the “Greater Greenville Parks Foundation”. Amazon will make a contribution that won’t cost you a dime but will make us smile.
  • Bike Walk Greenville “Office Hours”: Curious about bike commuting? Questions or feedback about bike/ped infrastructure in Greenville? Join Bike Walk Greenville board chair Mary McGowan for community conversation, most Friday afternoons 4-6pm at Mountain Goat (120 Shaw Street). Email mary@bikewalkgreenville.org to learn more or RSVP.
  • New PBJ at Gateway Park open: Thank you Avid Trails for building them. Thank you Upstate SORBA, Cranksgiving, Trek Store South Carolina, Sunrift Adventures, Blue Wall Adventures, Hunter Weekes, Piney Mountain Bike Lounge, MountainBikeAcademy.com, Calvin Wright Design Works, Dargan Trenor and Family, Steve Getz, and Jason Scott for helping Greenville County Parks and Rec pay Avid. Avid upgraded the Pump, Berm, Jump (PBJ)  line which created two progressive skill lines. And thank you Caroline (age 3, push bike ripper) and Emmet (age 4, single speed demon) for test driving it and giving their seal of approval.
  • We made progress put still need a team effort to get Google to get us on the map: In order to get Goggle Maps to identify the Swamp Rabbit as a route for people looking to get somewhere by foot or bike we need to show Google Maps where the trails are. Here is how you can help do that:
    • Cut and paste either of these sets of coordinates into the search box in Google Maps           34.86662396715165, -82.41581159431554  or  34.86931714566962, -82.41495343081027
    • Right click on the You Are Here pin
    • Left click Report Data Problem
    • Left click Wrong Information
    • Left click again on the You Are Here pin or near it
    • Left click on unnamed road in left pop up box
    • Left click Road Name
    • Enter correct road name as “Orange Line of the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail System
    • Click submit
  •  Write a Burma Shave sign: We are updating our Burma Shave signs. We use these signs as fun ways to convey safety messages or important trail etiquette. Write a fun 4 line stanza for the trail. If we pick your rhyme you’ll win a prize and the option to have your name below the last verse.
  •  Slow down you move too fast: (Name the song and artist without “Googling it”) Send me your vote on where you think people are going too fast on the trail so we can put up a sign to keep people feeling groovy.

Your egg nog is probably empty by now. Thanks for being engaged and reading this far. Happy holidays to you and yours. Enjoy family and fun on the Swamp Rabbit during this holiday season.



If you’d like to sign up for the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Hoppenings email list, please contact Ty Houck at thouck@greenvillecounty.org.

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