Phillis Wheatley Community Center

Address: 335 Greenacre Road, Greenville, SC 29607

Phone: 864-467-5940

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Manager: April Jackson

Phillis Wheatley serves the community by offering a year round menu of activities for all ages including:

History of Phillis Wheatley

The Phillis Wheatley Association was established by Hattie Logan Duckett in 1919 as a social and academic center for young African American women. During the 1930s, it was known as the Black YWCA, evolving into a meeting place for leaders in the African American community. Music and dance lessons were provided through its Sutphen Music School, and families could access day care and recreational activities through the center and a residential camp founded in 1938.

By the 1960s, the Phillis Wheatley Association had a new focus as a neighborhood center, serving as a hub for local residents and offering sports and arts programs. In the mid-eighties, Dwight Woods founded the Phillis Wheatley Repertory Theatre, becoming a theatrical program that gave children from disadvantaged backgrounds the inspiration to develop their talents, stay in school, and strive for more. Among those who found their way in the theatre was Phillip Boykin, who went on to operatic and Broadway stardom and was nominated for a Tony Award in 2012 among many accolades.

As Phillis Wheatley has always done, it continued to adapt to changing needs. Though many things have changed over the years, fundraising has been a constant challenge.

Nearing its 100-year anniversary in 2019, the organization has re-opened as the Phillis Wheatley Community Center (PWCC), a new name that reflects the organization’s proud past and solid positioning for the future. A strong partnership with Greenville County Rec has lent stability to Phillis Wheatley. Thanks to this partnership, the PWCC lower building has been transformed into an inviting location for the county’s recreational, after-school, and summer programs and for Phillis Wheatley’s Repertory Theatre, still the crown jewel of the organization’s offerings, along with other programs focused on the arts, culture, and history. Plans include a robust tutorial program, basketball leagues, and scout troops. Donors including the Jolley Foundation, United Way, and the Hollingsworth Fund are supporting these changes and making progress possible.

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