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Concession Operations – Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail



Concession Operations on the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail

The Greenville County Recreation District (GCRD) invites Proposals from individuals and or businesses to operate and manage concessions at various locations on the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail.  Proposals will be accepted at the GCRD Administrative Office, 4806 Old Spartanburg Road, Taylors, SC 29687.  There is no deadline for submission.  This is an open invitation for proposals; it will remain open indefinitely.


GENERAL INFORMATION Please submit one (1) electronic packet (memory stick, CD, etc).  Incomplete responses may not be considered.


To send by mail:









To send electronically:     khawthorne@gcrd.org


Questions regarding the Request for Proposal should be directed to Ty Houck at ty@gcrd.org. All proposals are subject to the District’s Procurement Policy dated July 14, 2005.  The policy is available by calling Katherine Hawthorne at (864)288-6470 x 139 or khawthorne@gcrd.org, or on the District’s web site at www.greenvillerec.com.  GCRD reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any formalities and technicalities in this process.  Prices and specifications submitted remain valid without change for the duration of the contract period, unless otherwise stipulated in the proposal.   Procurement information shall be a public record to the extent required by Chapter 3 of Title 50 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, 1976, as amended, (The Freedom of Information Act) with the exception that commercial, financial or proprietary information obtained in response to a “Request for Proposal” or information that is privileged and confidential need not be disclosed.  At the time of submitting a proposal or bid, the party supplying a bid or proposal must identify any portions of the proposal or bid considered by the party to be a trade secret and thus eligible to be withheld from public inspection and copying.



The Greenville County Recreation District is under contract with the Greenville County Economic Development Corporation to maintain and operate a 9.2 mile abandoned rail corridor known as the Greenville Hospital System Swamp Rabbit Tram Trail.  The trail passes through the city of Travelers Rest and Furman University before linking to a trail system operated by the City of Greenville.  The trail receives more that 359,000 users annually. We desire to enter into a one-year agreement for a concessionaire to operate and manage concessions at various locations on the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail.



The operator will be responsible for hiring the necessary personnel to conduct the daily operation of the concessions.  The operator will comply with all federal, state, and local employment laws.  Employees shall wear a uniform and/or identification badge.   


Menu Items and Pricing
The concessionaire is expected to serve quality food and drinks.  Menu items should include foods that are rich in nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, lean proteins, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.  In addition, menu items should include foods that are low in calories, fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sodium and added sugar.  Proposer must honor any GCRD beverage contract (currently Pepsi).  Beer and wine sales are not permitted.  Menu and prices must be approved in writing by an authorized GCRD representative.


Proposer is responsible for all equipment and for all trash collection and removal at their site.


Licenses and Certificates
Proposer agrees to abide by the conditions, regulations and laws of Greenville County, City of Travelers Rest and the State of South Carolina, such as but not limited to occupational licenses, business licenses, Federal Employers Identification Number, DHEC code section 61-25 for mobile food unit.  Proposer must be licensed to do business in its area of expertise in the State of South Carolina.  Appropriate licenses and certificates must be maintained during the term of the contract.  Failure to maintain these requirements shall be cause for immediate termination of contract.


Proposer agrees to maintain and provide evidence of liability coverage with GCRD named additional insured and to maintain workers compensation insurance.  Proposer shall have 5 days from contract award to provide evidence of such coverage.


Status and Indemnification
Proposer will be operating as an independent contractor and not as an employee of GCRD.  None of the proposer’s employees will be employees of the District.  Proposer will indemnify and hold GCRD harmless from any liability for injury or damage to persons or property.


Anywhere on the County portion of the trail from city limits of Greenville at Willard Street to Grandview Road in Travelers Rest.


Notification of Award
The contract agreement shall be in effect for one (1) year with a possible 1-year renewal.  All responses to this request for proposals shall become part of the contract if awarded.  Failure to maintain provisions of this proposal shall be cause for immediate termination of contract.