GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail

Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 19.9 mile multi-use greenway GSA BUSINESS 1.12.15 SWT infographic Revised Nov 2system that runs along the Reedy River connecting Greenville County with schools, parks, and local businesses. The GHS Swamp Rabbit will continue to grow  offering fun, non-motorized recreation and transportation opportunities wherever it goes.

Thanks go out to the Greenville County Council for having the vision and foresight to purchase the old rail bed between Greenville and Travelers Rest which made the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail possible. Their adoption of the Greenville County Greenways Comprehensive Plan shows commitment to improving recreation, active transportation, and quality of life in Greenville County. .

Trail Status:

 Sept. 6 – Mid-May 2017: Construction will be taking place to replace the bridge over the Reedy River between Cleveland Park and Falls Park with a more people and pet friendly bridge. This map is provided to assist you in navigating around the construction area. Routes are suggestions only, and are known to be steep, trafficked, and not necessarily accessible to all users.
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Greenville County Rec uses advanced techniques in trail maintenance. Click here to read story.

501,000 users last year & $6.7 million in Tourism Revenue

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Things to Know Before You Go: .

Click on the interactive map to the right to find: .

  • Full Trail Map
  • Access Points & Parking
  • Restroom Locations
  • Caution Areas (Road Crossings)
  • Reference Points (1/2 Mile Markers & 1/10 Mile E911 Stencils)
  • Secondary Trails

Click on the toggle below to learn more about the interactive map application and how to download the mobile app to your smart phone. .

Swamp Rabbit Interactive Mapping Application

NOTE: GIS is undergoing maintenance and may not properly download. This is temporary and will be functioning properly soon.

About the Swamp Rabbit Interactive Mapping Application

NOTE: GIS is undergoing maintenance and may not properly download. This is temporary and will be functioning properly soon.

A collaboration between the City of Greenville GIS Department, City of Greenville Parks & Recreation, and Greenville County Rec brings you an ArcGIS Interactive Map to your web browser, tablet, or smartphone. Trip planning along the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail is now easier than ever, at home, on the road, or from the trail. The application identifies Mile Markers, Restrooms, Parking Lots, Points of Interest, Water Fountains, ATMs, Info Points and more! Each icon on the map expands with more information including pictures and trail details. You can even get turn-by-turn directions to your preferred trail head or parking area. The mobile app, ArcGIS by ESRI, is available from the iTunes App Store or Android and Windows Market. Simply search Swamp Rabbit and click on the web map to get started. On your web browser: Go directly to the map or open ArcGIS Online and search for Swamp Rabbit from the search toolbar.

2014 Economic Impact of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail


Q. Where can I rent a bike for the trail?

A: If you are starting your ride on the northern end of the trail we recommend Sunrift Adventures. They are located at 1 Center Street, Travelers Rest, SC 29690. Call the bike shop at 864-834-3019.
If you’re starting your ride from downtown Greenville near Main Street both Pedal Chic and Reedy Rides rent bikes to trail users. Pedal Chic has everything the female cyclist needs located at 651 S. Main St. Greenville, SC 2960. Call them today at 864-242-2442. Reedy Rides in downtown Greenville will deliver bikes to you on the trail or in the downtown area, and can be found at 12 West McBee, Greenville, SC 29601. Call them today at 864-419-2944.
If you would like to start in the middle, stop by the TTR Ride Center at 205 Cedar Lane Road, Greenville SC located on the trail next to Swamp Rabbit Café & Grocery. Or check out their main location close by at 101 S Hudson Street, Greenville, SC. They can be reached at 864-283-6401.

Q. I want to visit the trail. Where can I park?

A: If you cannot reach the trail by bike, we have several parking areas along the Swamp Rabbit – Click each address to get directions to this parking area from your house, or visit the ArcGIS Interactive Map application on your web browser or smart phone to browse for the location that’s right for you (See Maps of the Trail).

Q. What do those white stencils in the middle of the trail mean?

A: The stencils in the middle of the trail reading “SRT###” are part of the Emergency 911 Action Plan with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office called the E-911 System. If there is an emergency on the trail, please call 911 and locate the nearest trail stencil to notify dispatchers of your location on the trail. ‘SRT’ identifies the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The following 3 digits represent the mile and tenth mile you are located near. For example “SRT314? means you are at mile 31.4 on the Swamp Rabbit (and next door to the Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery and TTR Bike’s Ride Center). In the case of an emergency, you will never be any farther than .05 miles from a stencil to identify your exact location on the trail.


Q. Are there any bus stops along the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail?

A: Greenlink is the public transportation system in the Greater Greenville Area. More information can be found at All Greenlink buses are equipped with bicycle racks that hold two bikes. An instructional Video can be found on the link above. The Greenlink Transit Center, located on McBee Street, is the central hub of all bus routes. The station is located ¼ mile from the Swamp Rabbit via River Street. Check out Route 1 for service around the Southern end of the trail near Greenville Tech, and Route 3 for Service around Cherrydale and Furman University.  Please don’t hesitate to contact to get some help planning your trip to the Swamp Rabbit with public transit.

Q. Do you have a map of the trail with marked mileage?

Our Swamp Rabbit Trail sponsorship handout maps have red arrows marking each mile along the Swamp Rabbit. These maps are distributed at the City of Greenville City all on S. Main St. and the City of Travelers Rest City Hall on State Park Road.

For detailed trip planning, check out our new ArcGIS Online map and mobile application by visiting Miles are marked down to the 1/10 mile (large MM symbols denote every mile and half mile). This map has everything, you can even type in your location and get directions to the trail, and from the trail to your end destination. We encourage you to spend some time messing around on this site because it is an amazing resource with everything you need to know when using the trail. Parking lots, restrooms, ATMs, local attractions, water fountains and more are all recognized on here. For help using this new online map or mobile app, contact We’d be happy to help!

Q. Are there geocaches on the trail?

A.  Geocaches can be found all over the world. It is common for geocachers to hide caches in locations that are important to them, reflecting a special interest or skill of the cache owner. These locations can be quite diverse. They may be at your local park, at the end of a long hike, underwater or on the side of a city street. .

There are over 2.1 million geocaches in the world today. As of July, 2013, nearly 125 active caches are located within approximately one 1/4 mile from the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail, and more are being hidden every day. So here’s another opportunity to enjoy this great Upstate recreational resource. . To get started on your treasure hunt click here.

Q. Are motorized wheelchairs and electric bikes allowed on the trail?

A. Motorized wheelchairs are permitted. Anyone operating a motorized wheelchair must have on them their state disability registration certificate while operating a motorized wheelchair on the trail. Electric (or “Pedal-assist”) bicycles are legal on the trail if the Electric Bike meets the provisions of Federal Electric Bike Law HR 727

  • Please remember the rules of the road and trail.
  • Trail users must stop at all road crossings.
  • Stay right except to pass.
  • Announce yourself when passing from behind.
  • Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6ft.
  • Dog owners must pick up after their pets.
  • Pack out your trash.

Left something behind? Check our facebook page for posts about items found along the trail. Check in with local trailside businesses as well.


Found something on the trail? Please post a description on our facebook page in hopes of connecting with the owner.


Thanks for making the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail a community-based resource.